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10 Things I Learned in my First Season as a Wedding Coordinator

My first season in the wedding industry was anything but boring! I had events that flowed perfectly and I had others that had me running back and forth like my life depended on it. Throughout it all, I learned a plethora of things that can't be learned just by reading books or articles online, and I had the time of my life!

Some items on this list may be common knowledge but it was helpful for me to know (and write down) so that I could be better prepared for future events.

  1. Get to know the wedding party and how they know the wedding couple (siblings, cousins, etc.), it helps a lot with knowing who to ask for help with tasks like identifying family members for photos.

  2. Become a pro at pinning boutonnieres and always bring extra pins! Same goes for ties and bow ties.

  3. Having a copy of the seating chart on your clipboard is a lifesaver when guests start following you around asking to switch seats.

  4. Be prepared for mother nature. This includes wind and sunlight that will effect photos, all sorts of bugs and how to treat their bites (and how to avoid them getting stuck in between the tulle in dresses), and keeping your couple hydrated and cool in the heat.

  5. When wondering if the temperature in the venue is good, always ask the ones stuck in a dress and not a suit because they are more sensitive to the changes you’ll make.

  6. If there’s any chance of rain or a damp floor that can get any dress dirty, bring a clear shower curtain to put under the dress for outside pictures.

  7. Know the plan ahead of time for the wedding couple’s cake that they cut, some want to save it for anniversaries and others just want it to be served to parents and wedding party.

  8. Also regarding desserts, never throw out the dessert boxes until the end of the night, you never know how many will be left over to box up for your clients.

  9. You can’t run around barefoot! Bring a few different pairs of shoes to give your feet a break.

  10. Make sure the couple has an end of night plan for all of their things! They’re married and in their newlywed bubble, don't pop it for more information! Have a list for who everything goes home with then end of night clean up will be a breeze.

A few of the biggest things that I had to grasp this year was to not underestimate myself or my business. Another was just how important networking is, and we hear it all the time but I was able to see it first hand just how much those connections matter and they have helped me so much this year and is my main goal to continue to grow in the next!

Some of these may feel like small things but it was great to get to know them and to go through all of the experiences that I went through this year. I am so grateful for the opportunity given to me by my amazing clients!

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