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Wedding Table Arrangement
  • Do you offer planning services?
    We do not. It's the Little Things Events specializes in Day of Coordination services because we have a passion for ensuring our couples wedding days are well-organized, unforgettable, and nothing short of amazing. We work with couples who've done the hard worked to pick out their details and just need someone to execute everything on the day-of.
  • Do you attend rehearsal dinners?
    Yes. Rehearsal dinners are included at no additional cost. Our attendance at your rehearsal dinner is the perfect opportunity for your family and wedding party to get to know us so that they know who to go to on the day-of with any questions.
  • Do you have an emergency kit we can use?
    Yes, we have a fully stocked emergency kit. A full list of the items is available on our rentals page.
  • Will you set up our personal decor?
    Yes! These personal items (place cards, signage, card box, guestbooks, table numbers, photos of your loved ones, etc.) make your event unique to you. Items must be pre-prepped to the best of your ability (i.e. if you are folding your napkins a specific way, or alphabetizing your escort cards to be set out easily). We’ll bring an assistant to help us put all this stuff out for you and pack it up at the end of the night. All of this is done to your exact specification! If you are doing more time sensitive decor like providing your own florals that are not in vases yet, we will charge to add an assistant to help hurry this process.
  • Will you pick up any decor rentals or desserts?
    No, any pick up or drop off of items will have to be done by the designated vendor, trusted friend, or family member.
  • Do you load vehicles at the end of the night?
    No we do not. Our team will have your décor items and gifts packed and ready for you by the time the music is over, but we will not personally load vehicles. We will just place items near the exits for easy loading. We also will not move vehicles due to liability.
  • What venues do you have expertise at?
    SO MANY! But we'd love to work at new ones all the time as well! Click here to view the entire list of venues we have worked at.
  • Do you have travel fees?
    Our team is based out of Stillwater, MN. We only add travel/ hotel fees if your wedding venue is more then 1 hour away from our location.
  • Is there anything you don't do?
    While we do work hard to help with many aspects of your wedding day, there are a few items that we do not handle. - We do not lift items 50+ lbs - We do not assemble items that require power tools - We do not unload/load items from vehicles - We do not pack up/clean up personal items (wedding suites) - We do not take out garbage or bus tables If your venue requires any of these items, we do require that you have someone assigned to these tasks before event day.
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