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Shall We Dance?

Are dance lessons before your wedding worth the time and trouble or not?

By now, you've probably spent more then a few hours picking out the perfect songs for every part of your wedding but now it's time to think about what comes with the music- dancing!

As a wedding coordinator, I've seen my fair share of first dances which mostly consist of your classic swaying back and forth while others keep the crowd on their toes as they try to get the best view of the dance floor to catch every spin, lift, and dip perfectly choreographed for the couple- I've loved them all! First dances are the perfect transition into the rest of your lives and into your reception.

So will you go with the rhythm of the music or take on the extra cost and added work of taking dance lessons?

If you've seen Jennifer Lopez in Shall We Dance or the Wedding Planner, then you might have concerns about the level of difficulty that comes with any dance lesson or choreographed first dance.

These concerns are common and a contributing factor to most couples decision to skip dance lessons, so I set out to try it for myself to see if its really worth it. Luckily, my husband and long time (salsa) dance partner is always up for new experiences and a romantic date night out.

So where do you start?

If you make the decision to take dance lessons, there are a variety of classes you get to choose from starting with type of music, frequency, and size. For a wedding dance, any variety of waltz lessons are just what you need. For frequency, as long as you're attending these classes with enough time before the big day, you just need some open space in your living room and you can practice as much as you need without having to pay for too many in person sessions! Finally, for size, some dance studios offer group lessons, private couple lessons, or even one on one with a dance instructor if you're looking to surprise your fiancé with some new moves on your wedding day!

We chose a workshop meant for couples so that we would feel less intimidated and so that we could avoid being the center of attention. Also, instead of going to a traditional dance studio, we decided to try out something closer to home at a great price ($49 per couple).

We signed up for a two hour class held at a local school through our districts Community Education program called "Romance for Two Dance Workshop". The class was taught by Monica Mohn, a previous nominee by Minnesota Bride for "Best Wedding Dance Instruction" and 3-time "USA Dance" national championship winner.

Our class began with Monica playing a slow song to observe our starting points and help us get comfortable in the environment. The class was held in an elementary school lunch room so it helped set the mood right from the start. With just six couples total in the class, we were able to get a lot of one on one direction during the class.

We heard everything between Ed Sheeran and Frank Sinatra while Monica introduced new steps to us, giving us time in between each one to practice and perfect them, before returning with another.

The entire experience was a lot less intimating then expected as the instructor observed from a distance, corrected us discreetly, and encouraged us as we learned dance steps that would make anyone swoon.

There were a few missteps and stepped on toes but overall we got managed to get the hang of it and it turned out to be the perfect date night out!

Overall, totally worth it!

Whether your duo consists of one person with 2 left feet or two, it's important to get your dancing skills warmed up before the big day! By taking dance lessons you're guaranteed to boost your confidence on the dance floor, take some of the pressure off of being in the spotlight, and share an unforgettable first dance with your loved one.

Dance lessons are also an excellent way to spend time together before the wedding and you'll learn a lifelong skill that is bound to keep you and your spouse on the dance floor at any future event you attend! And no matter if its coordinated down to the last step or just improvised after a few classes, those lessons will shine through in your first dance.

Crowds go wild for a change of pace as simple as a fancy spin.

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